Sunday, May 29, 2011

Card Holder - Workshop conducted by Obbigoodlabel (Part 2)

As you know, I always treat my leather with the necessary (necessary and babying them are 2 different matters :)) TLC they need.

Hence, after last night session of making the card holder, today I went on to apply Obenauf's leather oil on them and a coating of Heavy Duty LP (com'on, I bought the combo pack months ago and there are still a lot of them left)

Here are the pictures in just 1 day, with Oil and LP added:

The horizontal thin leather was the one that darkens the most first. I hope this will evolve into something thats unique and amazing.

And here is a picture of my favourite part. As you know, I like leather with unique grains, scars and even cuts. This nice grain happen to be on the frontmost and I just simply adore it!

Note the inverted "Y" looking grain there? Lovely, isn't it?

More pictures for today:

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