Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shortening a belt

Ok, I bought the belt from London as mentioned earlier. Supposedly to give to my dad as a gift but I bought another for him eventually which is from Massimo Dutti.

And since I got the basic tools, I can cut and finish (or burnish) the edges myself. :)

Point to note: As my belt was without any hole punches (I requested that from the seller), I have to trial and error the length that I want and cut it myself. A mistake I made was to punch the holes before I cut the length, which resulted in a few trials and errors. I wanted to get only 3 holes to have the simple look. But upon the first 3 holes made, I realised it was still too long for me and had to go a few holes inner to get it right. So take note guys, double confirm the length before you cut or punch the holes!

Comparing the swedish army belt that I always wear and the new belt

Getting the tools ready!

Burnishing the edges after cutting it  

Can you tell which is the original finished cut and which is mine? 

Here is the answer! :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Update on Red WIng Beckman (Chestnut)

More pictures on this sturdy pair of boots.

Before application

During application

Finally, after a few days to let the LP dry and brush it up.

Update on Clarks Desert Boots (Beeswax)

Enough of words, this post is dedicated to this awesome boots; Before, During and After application of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP.

Before application

During application

After a few days, and some brushing using horsehair brush.

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