Saturday, June 2, 2012

Red Wing Beckman 9013: Updates

Been visiting my previous house which is under renovation, so have to step through the dirts and dusts. This pair of awesome looking Beckman also got lots of dust stuck to it pretty face. HAHA! Will do some cleaning after this.


  1. Hey, can i know where you buy your leather from in your diy wallet??

  2. Hi! Do you mean ?

    Well I got the leather remnants from a friend who’s working in a furniture shop. :)

  3. Okay, thanks. Do you know anywhere where i can get leather?

  4. If you are looking for leather to make small leather goods, you can try Obbigood Label. They will have the leather to suit your project needs. :)

  5. Hi
    Love the photos of the Beckmans. How do they shine now? I was at a store here I Oslo, Norway that sells them but the shoemaker who owns the store told me that the leather on the Beckmans doesn't hold up that great to continued shining and care.
    He even showed me a pair another customer brought in (Chestnut Beckmans) that had dark spots and sections and couldn't be shined properly anymore.

    Have you experienced anything like this. Can you still shine them and make them look pretty again?

  6. Hi there, I also got a pair of's your sole holding up, I'm kinda worried about mine :(

  7. Hi DanishGTD,
    Shine-wise, I had never attempted to shine them like a dress shoe. But they are pretty easy to shine with a horsehair brush. Just a simple basic shine actually. Initially application of the LP may look to have dulled the leather, but after using for a period of time, after some brushing, the shine still returns. Dirt and such do cover the shine though, hence it will be impossible to return to original shine. :)

  8. Hi Kevin Pangesa,
    Sad to say, my sole had given way. Badly chipped in most area and flapped open in one boot. I am putting it to a rest for the time being. Will bring it to a cobbler to change the sole. I called to enquire and its gonna cost a LOT! gosh...

    1. If you do change the sole..inform me :D
      I would like to know which cobbler you go and what kind of sole they go you...
      I love the beckman boots, but the sole is not as good as the other red wing boots :(

    2. Sadly I have to agree. I will definitely post the pics when I get them resoled. Hopefully it will be soon as I am putting the Beckman aside recently cos the soles are gone too much. (and also my budget have busted too much these few weeks, need to cut back on spending :( )


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