Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Wing Beckman 9013

I just love this boots.

I was looking around for a RW boots as I heard so much about its comfort and durability. But none of the other models attract me more than this Beckman (or formerly known as GT, Gentlemen Traveler)

The curve and the profile of this boots is beyond words. You just have to take a look at it!

This is what it looks like brand new:

During my trip:

After the trip (Now its about 1 week since the first wear)

I heard many reviews about how the GT (or Beckman) is tough on the feet is many had blisters before they can break in the boots. Been wearing this for about a week and on my trip I wore it to walk to the whole day.
It was so comfortable that I didn't need to put on my desert boots (I brought it as a spare shoe in case my feet was "broken" by the boots instead of the vice versa)

Tomorrow I will be going to the Universal Studio Singapore with my Clarks Desert Boots. Will show some pics after I come back

Stay tuned!


  1. Sorry for the late reply.

    They are Beckman 9013 Chestnut Color.


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