Friday, October 24, 2014

Catching up

Also, another reason why there were lack of updates for the past couple of months was cos I haven't been wearing my RW or Clarks DB as often. 

Been wearing the Timberland boots and to be frank, they are nowhere near RW or Clarks in terms of comfort and quality. 

But I need a pair of Chelsea boots due to work reasons. 

Luckily, through a friend's recommendations and with a stroke of luck, I bought 2 pairs of Cole Haan and they are on the way!

Curious on which model I bought?

1 resembles the 875 (which I missed so dearly); the sole and leather color

1 is something I never tried before; Blue and Yellow

Hmmmmmmm. Excited!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shout out to everyone reading my blog:

I am still loving and rocking my leather boots, bags, belts blah blah blah. Just that I have lesser time for blogging and pictures taking. That explains why recently my updates had been slower and slower. My apologies for that! As soon as I can get my schedule back, I will be back with more exciting pictures and update for all leather enthusiasts!

Stay tuned and peace to all!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Glenroyal Key Case: Update

Its been 2 years since I had this keycase. It's loaded with my keys, lots of them, and stuffed in my jeans most of the time, tolerating my sweat and humid temperature. 

Despite the "thrashing", it turned out even more amazing!

This is why I love leather goods. The more you use it, the more you thrash it, the more it will amaze you. 

The qualilty is really well built. The zipper and the stitchings. Not a single them it has shown signs that it will give way or give you problems. 

To the folks at Glenroyal, Great work guys and Thank You!

My Goody Cardholder

Its been years since I made (I'm proud of myself!) and used this amazing cardholder. 

The pride of taking it out when I need to give my business cards to my clients or paying a bill with a credit card inside is unimaginable. 

Here it is:

Just look at the patina. 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Waterproofing Suede leather!

WOW! The water really beads up and not get absorbed! But on closer look, the suede really looks different from the original. Guess its a tradeoff between original looking leather and waterproofed leather.

Buddy Corgi: Water Shield

Started to wear the shoe out and realise a potential problem, water stain. I believe this is a common problem with suede leather since they are unlike other leather which comes treated, they are like a dry piece of cloth that absorbs water readily.

And luckily I still have a bottle of the Obenauf's WaterShield product that I bought years back. I only used them on my canvas, fabric products since the LP and Leather Oil already waterproofs the leather shoes that I have. So finally this comes in handy for a leather product.

Let's try.



The leather appeared to have darken quite a bit from the treatment. I'm fine with that actually. Just makes me curious what would had happen if the leather is beige/white. Hmmmm.

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