Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evolution of Clarks Desert Boots

It's been quite some time since I wore the Clarks DBs. Been wearing my RWs for the past few months and yesterday I decided to take it out for a walk and its still as comfy as ever. The weight of the shoes are soooo light that I forgot its actually a boots! My other RWs are heavier but of course feels more sturdier. I'm not saying the Clarks DBs are less sturdy, just that the leather is thinner and the construction is simpler.

Here's how it looks like:

Dirty and beaten up!

After cleaning them up. Look at how the dark stains are now disappeared!

 Giving them a nice coat of Obenauf's LP.

A group photo!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shots of me in my Red Wing Beckman 9013 Chestnut

Well just some fit pics of me wearing the 9013 during an outdoor photography session. It's really a good match with my Naked & Famous denim jeans.

I really love how the Beckman Chestnut looks. It was already amazing when it was brand new, but as it ages, there's just something so attractive about it that I don't find in other boots of mine. Only downside is it is less comfortable as compared to the 875. Probably due to the soles? 

Talking about soles, I am starting to noticed the left sole is showing wear and tear, as in the black rubber piece seemed to be falling off the leather base. I will continue to monitor it to see how it goes before sending it to the cobbler. I'm just worried I can't get a good cobble to handle the 9013 here. Oh well, just wait and see. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleaning and applying LP to the 875 (Part 2)

As mentioned in previous post, thought the leather looks kind of dry and the scuffs are begging me to apply some LP on it. So here goes:

I had been asked several times on how to apply the LP on the leather. Its none other than the trusty bare hands on yours. Our body temperature can help to melt the LP a little. Some folks suggested using microwave to melt the LP a little before application. Personally I don't fancy putting non edible stuff in my microwave so using the fingers should be the best way.

Right: Before Application
Left: After Application

I just love the imprints the laces done to the leather. 

Looking all goody!

The leather looks to be darker upon application. But experiences from the past told me that this is just a temporary phase. The leather will return to its normal color after the LP is fully absorbed. One thing to remember, leather ages with time and the color will get darker times goes due to usage, time, heat, external elements and such. So don't go too protective of the leather.

Let it age gracefully with the necessary treatment like the LP once a while is good enough.

Cleaning and applying LP to the 875 (Part 1)

It seemed to be pretty obvious that I am wearing my 875 very often recently. I still wear the 9013 too but it will be about once a week, whereas the 875 takes the spot of "rest of the week".

What prompted me to do a cleaning on the 875 was this ugly patch at the front:

On a side-note: I love the white crepe soles getting dirty looking. Haha!

Hence, I used the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner to see what it can do. 

And I felt that a treat of the LP was needed after I noticed some cuffs around:

And after some gentle scrubbing using a sponge with the leather cleaner:

Check this out!

For a better comparison pic:

I'm pretty amazed at this. I used to think the leather cleaner is just a wipe in a sense that its so gentle that it hardly lift dirt off. But after this, I'm totally impressed. Of course I have to emphasize that most probably the dirt is new and no tough stubborn stains like denim staining etc. That is why it is easier to be get rid off.

And now I am leaving them to dry under the sun. It will be quick as I didn't spray too much cleaner on it and the weather is pretty hot now.

Will be back with the pictures of the application of the Heavy Duty LP..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Card Holder : Updates

Here is the card holder which I repeatedly mentioned I did it myself *prouds*. Haha! Anyway, perhaps due to my new jeans, the indigo staining becomes almost black. Also, I never clean it before so I thought I would just clean it with the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner to see what "magic" it can do. Seriously I don't expect much though.

Here's how it looks like now:

Using the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner with a clean sponge

A generous amount of spray to the leather:

After some scrubbing and rubbing, leaving it to dry:

After a few hours, the leather was dried completely. You can tell whether is it still wet. If its still wet, the leather feels soft and cool. When its totally dried, it feels rigid and warm to touch. That's how I determine whether is it dry or not. If you want to play it safe, you leave it over night to be sure it dries off naturally. DO NOT USE HAIR DRYER or such TO BLOW IT DRY!

After its totally dry:

 Rubbed some Obenauf's LP into them: 

On a sidenote: noticed the people playing basketball in the background? seems like more people are into basketball recently.. Jeremy Lin effect? lol. anyway its a great sport and its good to see people getting more into sports. Keep going!

Red Wing 875 (after 2 months)

Been wearing the 875 almost every day for the past month, except 1 or 2 occasion I wore the 9013. The 875 is starting to mould to my feet and the initial aching and soreness is gone! Now my feet just slips in and sits comfortably. Absolute pleasure!

This is what I like to do whenever its a sunny day; Sun the interior to get rid of the god-knows-what inside there
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