Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clarks Desert boots : Cleaning and Oiling (Part 1)

What a bright sunny Sunday morning and after a cuppa of nice Espresso, I went ahead to clean my Clarks DBs.

(pssst, just realised that if I use the Blogger app to blog, I can't have the text and picture arranged in a layout that I want. So all pictures will appear together after the chunk of text. )

Stripped them off the laces and used the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner to give them a wipe. The warm sun dried up the cleaner in no time and I proceeded to use the Leather Oil on it.

Notice the darkening of color? I am now letting them dry up first to see if the darkening still remains. One of the picture you will see the comparison of before and after Oiling. That was taken immediately after oiling, so the darkening looks very heavy but we shall see when it gets settled down in a bit.

Here are the pictures:

Oh, and I accidentally scratched the boots while cleaning. Took a close up shot on it. Let's see if the leather oil will lighten the "scar"

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  1. In Rain, shine, rock, gravel, the Clarks Men’s Desert boot only gets better. Their stylish design makes them great for casual pants on Friday or jeans on the weekend.


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