Thursday, December 12, 2013

Levi's 501 Jeans & Belt

Saw a great offer on that all items were on 40% sale!

Initially, I thought why not just browse the items and add into cart.

Chose a 501 Original Fit Jeans - Rinse. Added into cart. When I saw the price after discount I almost fell off my chair. It only costs USD$28.80!!!!!! My goodness, the same pair could had easily costs more than SGD$100 in Singapore!

As I further shopped for more great bargains, decided to get a belt too and got the Leather Belt - Tan, for USD$22.80.

Here are the pictures of my hoot!

 Jeans & Belt

Levi's signature logo

A little disappointed to see the "Made in China" though :/

Stitching was alright.

Leather looks thick, but feels very soft

The Leather belt felt soft and definitely not full grain leather. Well, I have to say I expect a little more from Levi's and from the price I pay. I could easily get a much better quality and unbranded belt from the local leather artisans here.

Jeans-wise, no complaints and definitely good stuff, as you'd expect from Levi's. I got the Raw jeans last year from Levi's website too. Was disappointed to see there's no selvedge (self-edge) so I decided to get something different this year.

Next, while waiting for my Timberland boots to arrive, maybe I'd put some LP on the belt.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Black Friday hoot!

Hoot - Singlish term; referring to damage done to a person or an object. In this case, its damage done to my wallet :(

Didn't buy much leather goods this Black friday 2013. Just got my DHL parcel containing my Levi's jeans and belt. Can't wait to go home and show you guys the picture. At 40% off, I really don't have much to ask for. But if its really as awesome as the pics are, its a bonus!

Next shipment will have a Timberland boots that I hoot! Stay tuned!
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