Monday, February 4, 2013

Earthkeepers Hookset Tote Bag

Again at Timberland, the missus saw this Tote Bag and fell in love with it too! She was so happy to finally a big and sturdy looking bag that she can bring to Europe. I love it too cos its LEATHER! The texture of it is a little rough and great to touch. As she was happily checking the bag, reality hit me. A bag this size, with all made of good quality leather, it sure ain't gonna be cheap. 

I found the price tag. Lo and behold, SGD$699. 

Our jaws dropped.

Reluctantly, she put it back on the shelves and we went on looking for other bags. That tote bag she saw already set a benchmark and she couldn't find another bag that she liked.

We went back to Timberland to see it again. This time we asked the sales assistant for the price, to see if there's any discounts.

VOILA! A whooping 50% off!!! That makes it slightly cheaper than $350! (Upon searching online, this discontinued model was selling at about $100 cheaper in UK, I think. But saving $100 for uncertainties like possible O.O.S etc wasn't worth it. So, we are still happy with the purchase)

It is seldom that the missus like such big leather bag. There must be something about it that she like it so much. Here are the pics :

Overall look

Handles made of Suede leather

My fav part; Somehow I just like how they design this badge.

Another view from the other side

Made in Italy!

Nice compartments inside that will be helpful in finding small items like pens in this huge tote bag

Another zipper compartment

Price before discount.

I just love the smell of genuine leather!

Aniline leather... Yummy... 

The overall feel was no doubt top notch! Very sturdy and tough looking. We shall see how it fares in our coming trip!

Women's Earthkeepers® Apley Chelsea Waterproof Boot

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be heading to Europe soon. And travelling together with me is my beloved wife. To be honest, she wasn't keen on any boots and never understood why I love boots, especially leather, so much. But after planning to go Europe, she decided to get a pair of decent boots too to withstand the cold. Initially she wanted to get Ugg boots (ewww), but I told her to get a pair of boots that she can still wear in the hot Singapore.

Although many will disagree that a pair of boots is suitable for Singapore, but hey, its still 1000x better than a pair of Ugg Boots, no?

We went shopping at Timberland and she fell in love with this pair of boots immediately.

Took the opportunity to apply LP on hers as well.

I have to ask how is the feel like wearing these, but from reviews online, they seemed to be a comfortable pair. What I like is the extra flap that goes on top of the laces. It may appear weird looking here and I bet its gonna look awesome when wore properly.

And a group photo of the newly acquired Timberlands!

Applying Obenauf's LP to the Timberland

Will be heading to Europe this coming week so I thought its better to "weather-proof" it first. Frankly speaking, it will be my first time travelling to a near-zero temperature country. The last time I felt cold was at Taiwan, when it was merely less than 10 deg celsius only. Anyway, the sun is good in Singapore lately so there was no better time to apply the LP now.

The nice looking Timberland logo

You can't tell which boot had been applied the LP already, right?

Very soft leather. Bet its gonna be comfy too!

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