Monday, February 4, 2013

Women's Earthkeepers® Apley Chelsea Waterproof Boot

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be heading to Europe soon. And travelling together with me is my beloved wife. To be honest, she wasn't keen on any boots and never understood why I love boots, especially leather, so much. But after planning to go Europe, she decided to get a pair of decent boots too to withstand the cold. Initially she wanted to get Ugg boots (ewww), but I told her to get a pair of boots that she can still wear in the hot Singapore.

Although many will disagree that a pair of boots is suitable for Singapore, but hey, its still 1000x better than a pair of Ugg Boots, no?

We went shopping at Timberland and she fell in love with this pair of boots immediately.

Took the opportunity to apply LP on hers as well.

I have to ask how is the feel like wearing these, but from reviews online, they seemed to be a comfortable pair. What I like is the extra flap that goes on top of the laces. It may appear weird looking here and I bet its gonna look awesome when wore properly.

And a group photo of the newly acquired Timberlands!

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