Monday, July 29, 2013

Clarks Desert Boots

While waiting...

Corter Leather Summer Grab Sale!!!

Ok this is one of the best sale you can look forward to:

Posting this on mobile so I cant type too much info. But just GRAB either of the bags (or BOTH like yours truly)!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Wing 9013

This too, taken a day after Obenauf's Leather Oil had been applied. I'm surprised to find that the oil gets absorbed fully in less than a day. Last time it took more than a day to have the oil fully absorbed. Guess its really drying up with use and the weather took a beating on it. 

DIY Cardholder

My all-time fav cardholder... This is taken 1 day after applying LP. The leather looks much revived. There's a slight matt finish though, but I bet it will be shiny again in a few days time upon usage.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update for DIY Card Holder, Red Wing 9013 Beckman & Timberland Earthkeepers

Hi Everybody!
Sorry for not updating so frequently lately, been tied up with work and lots of new things going on in life. So yeah, lesser time for blogging. But fret not! I will still do my usual postings of aging leather and stuff, just that it may not be so frequent and my response to your comments (if any) may be a little slow. So do bear with me!

Here's whats coming up:

My DIY cardholder:

Been sometime since I carried it and recently met up with a leather artisan and he saw my cardholder, he was pretty amazed at how it aged and looked. Since I got some free time on hand today, so I went to clean it with Obenauf's Leather Cleaner and follow up with the Heavy Duty LP.

Next up,

Red Wing 9013:

My all time favourite shoes. Took lots of thrashing and beating but still look amazing! Sprayed generously with the cleaner and scrubbed it clean with a clean piece of foam.

And finally,

Timberland Earthkeepers:

To be honest, this pair of boots had almost became my daily beaters. Reason? Its lighter and easier to wear. When I need to visit places that requires me to take off my shoes, this slips off like any canvas shoes, heck, it even weighs like a pair of canvas shoes. Its soft and comfortable. And I am pretty surprised at the leather quality. Initially I thought it will show tears and scuffs in no time, but having wearing it almost everyday now, it still looks well-maintained!! Looks like some Obenauf's Leather Oil is a good treat for it!

Shall leave it to dry and perhaps tomorrow it will all be ready for a shoe-brushing session!
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