Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shots of me in my Red Wing Beckman 9013 Chestnut

Well just some fit pics of me wearing the 9013 during an outdoor photography session. It's really a good match with my Naked & Famous denim jeans.

I really love how the Beckman Chestnut looks. It was already amazing when it was brand new, but as it ages, there's just something so attractive about it that I don't find in other boots of mine. Only downside is it is less comfortable as compared to the 875. Probably due to the soles? 

Talking about soles, I am starting to noticed the left sole is showing wear and tear, as in the black rubber piece seemed to be falling off the leather base. I will continue to monitor it to see how it goes before sending it to the cobbler. I'm just worried I can't get a good cobble to handle the 9013 here. Oh well, just wait and see. :)


  1. a nice pair and you took good care of them, not as i did. the strains from the rubber are quite annoying but right now i decided the add to the character of the boots.
    Yours seemed to get a touch darker or is it the camera/light?
    I just posted one images i took now of my pair but more will be shown on my main blog soon:

  2. Thanks! It does look a bit darker in the pictures. not sure if its due to the camera as it wasn't the usual camera that I used for all the pictures taken previously in this blog. Probably had something to do with cropping the pictures and quality compromised? I don't know, it could be that it really did get darker over use. Your pair is gaining a lot of character! Nice work!


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