Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleaning and applying LP to the 875 (Part 1)

It seemed to be pretty obvious that I am wearing my 875 very often recently. I still wear the 9013 too but it will be about once a week, whereas the 875 takes the spot of "rest of the week".

What prompted me to do a cleaning on the 875 was this ugly patch at the front:

On a side-note: I love the white crepe soles getting dirty looking. Haha!

Hence, I used the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner to see what it can do. 

And I felt that a treat of the LP was needed after I noticed some cuffs around:

And after some gentle scrubbing using a sponge with the leather cleaner:

Check this out!

For a better comparison pic:

I'm pretty amazed at this. I used to think the leather cleaner is just a wipe in a sense that its so gentle that it hardly lift dirt off. But after this, I'm totally impressed. Of course I have to emphasize that most probably the dirt is new and no tough stubborn stains like denim staining etc. That is why it is easier to be get rid off.

And now I am leaving them to dry under the sun. It will be quick as I didn't spray too much cleaner on it and the weather is pretty hot now.

Will be back with the pictures of the application of the Heavy Duty LP..

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