Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red Wing 875 (after 1 month)

Here are some evolution pics on my RW 875.

Actually, I am starting to believe that it is the Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP that is protecting my 875 from denim stains. I am constantly pairing this pair of 875 with a Naked & Famous Raw Denim Jeans, Weird Guy to be exact. As you can see from the white soles, there are obvious denim stains. BUT! The impact on the leather is minimal.

I've seen many bad denim stains on the 875 and similar but I am so glad mine is still kept to the minimal damage. (keeping fingers crossed!)

And on that bombshell, here is the family shot again:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dirty Red Wing Beckman Chestnut 9013 + Evolution (Patina Shots)

Well I seriously have NO IDEA why did it became so dirty-looking despite it wasn't subjected to Man Vs Wild conditions like Bear Grylls had worn them. Although I do admit I prefer them looking thrashed and beaten up, I still like to maintain its "Gentlemen" outlooks for as neat as possible.

The Beckman Collection is named after Charles Beckman, the company’s founder. Mr. Beckman owned a shoe store in Red Wing. In his advertising he promoted himself as Beckman, The Shoe Man. 

As a prosperous Main Street merchant, he saw first-hand the need for durable and comfortable boots. In 1905 when he couldn’t find boots to meet his needs, he started his own shoe company. 

Navigating the muddy streets of Red Wing was part of his daily routine. He needed sturdy boots that could be polished to match his status as a successful Main Street merchant and shoe company owner.

Hence I decided I have to get it cleaned up. And it has to be done by my trusted Obenauf's Leather Cleaner.

But first, here's how it looks like all dirty and stained.

The dirt also seem to make the color looks very uneven and less appealing.

A habit of mine: I always put in a pair of shoe trees to smoothen out the creases and wrinkles where the dirt are stubbornly trapped inside.

Allen Edmonds Shoe Trees

After a good 40mins of careful scrubbing and rubbing, finally cleaned the 9013 to look decently clean enough. Don't expect a miracle of having your shoes look like brand new with the cleaner. It's a leather cleaner, not a magician.

Left: Clean
Right: Dirty

And after leaving them overnight.....


Looking Gooooood!

And my fav patina shots:

Of course, I applied a very THIN coat of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP after its being dried overnight. To restore the oil that was supposedly scrubbed away during the washing process.

Loving it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red Wing 875 in Phuket

Wore my RW 875 to my trip to Phuket. Gosh it is such a lovely place. Love the beach, the sun, the sea and everything. Maybe except for the food. It was not as good and wide variety as Bangkok. Well I was wearing RW for my Bungee Jump, ATV trip and Elephant trekking. Other than that I will be in a pair of flip-flops from Camper.

Here are some pictures of my RW 875 in action!

After the ATV:

 Look at the dust! 0_0
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