Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red Wing 875 in Phuket

Wore my RW 875 to my trip to Phuket. Gosh it is such a lovely place. Love the beach, the sun, the sea and everything. Maybe except for the food. It was not as good and wide variety as Bangkok. Well I was wearing RW for my Bungee Jump, ATV trip and Elephant trekking. Other than that I will be in a pair of flip-flops from Camper.

Here are some pictures of my RW 875 in action!

After the ATV:

 Look at the dust! 0_0


  1. I don't see any dust. Its a damn shame that you went to such an interested place and were looking at your shoes the whole time. The locals must have thought something was wrong with you. I can imagine you on the elephant, "I bet I'm getting sick elephant fades right now, can't wait to blog about it."

  2. Hi there,

    Chill my friend. Are you the elephant tour guide whom I didn't tip?

    Anyway I had a really good time there and my pathetic cam couldn't capture the dust mentioned. But hey, if you are interested in dust pictures, I suggest you check out Google for more pics. :)

    Having said that, the purpose of these pictures is to provide more interesting backdrops for my pictures as I get bored of the same background every now and then. I prefer a change in background, with the same shoes. Hope that's fine with you. :)

  3. Just got a second hand pair of RW 875s off ebait.

    Love pictures with RWs in them, keep em coming!


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