Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red Wing 875 (after 1 month)

Here are some evolution pics on my RW 875.

Actually, I am starting to believe that it is the Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP that is protecting my 875 from denim stains. I am constantly pairing this pair of 875 with a Naked & Famous Raw Denim Jeans, Weird Guy to be exact. As you can see from the white soles, there are obvious denim stains. BUT! The impact on the leather is minimal.

I've seen many bad denim stains on the 875 and similar but I am so glad mine is still kept to the minimal damage. (keeping fingers crossed!)

And on that bombshell, here is the family shot again:


  1. You call that evolution? There is nothing going on here. Contain yourself and make a blog post in two years.

  2. Hi Elephant tour guide,

    I apologise for my use of the word "evolution". You are right, theres not much going on there and its pretty much the same like how it was brand new and bought out of the store.

    I guess your portray of the famous Human Evolution picture depicts the start as an Ape, and the Final as Human, with no transitions in between? :)

    Cheers my friend. I will update more of it in 2 years time. Of course, with more "meaningless" updates in between. :)


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