Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mojjo iPhone 6 Plus Leather Wallet Case


Finally took the plunge and ordered the iPhone 6+ from my local Apple Store.

Its gonna take a while to arrive so in the meanwhile, I was shopping for cases.

One of the features I am looking for is that it can hold 1-2 cards so that I can use it to hold my door access card. With that, I only need to tap my iPhone case on my door access sensor and gain access, instead of fumbling through my pockets to find my card. Also, since the iPhone 6+ is significantly larger than my current phone (5S), I foresee that I will carry it in my hand most of the time so any quick access to cards will be highly convenient.

I always wanted to get the Apple Leather Case. But I've been hearing complaints and it doesn't have a card slot that I was looking for.

This mujjo case, on the other hand, has got a nice quality leather which I suppose (I hope!) is much better than Apple's Leather case.

Here's some pictures of this BEAUTIFUL case that caught my attention with its lovely leather and card slot design:

Some information from

Based on the concept of its popular predecessor, redesigned to complement the larger iPhone 6 Plus. Loved by thousands worldwide and crafted from high quality vegetable-tanned leather, this case protects your iPhone 6 Plus and helps eliminate bulky pockets with its integrated card pocket. Elegantly placed at an 80° angle, the card pocket positions the cards to fit in at an upward angle, keeping them tightly secure and in place.

Based on the design of its popular predecessor, our personal favorite, redesigned to complement the larger iPhone 6 Plus. Placed at an 80° angle, a slant line marks the card pocket, contributes to the understated yet elegant design and positions the cards to fit in at an upward angle, keeping them tightly secure and in place. We’ve designed the case surprisingly thin, even when holding your essential cards. Tailored to Mujjo’s innovativeness, the case provides a simple solution to make your daily life just a bit more convenient.

It doesn’t shout, ‘look at me’, but rather calmly hints craftsmanship through its understated appearance. This is due in considerable part to the noticeably high quality of Mujjo’s signature vegetable-tanned leather.
Openings expose the volume rockers, headphone-jack, and lighting connector; enabling you to listen to your favorite music and charge your iPhone 6 Plus while your device is protected.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cole Haan - Application of LP after a week of daily wear

Somehow this is becoming a ritual, or a habit. I prefer to apply to LP a week or so after initial wear. This pair of Cole Haan Chelsea is just amazing. Feels comfy straight out of the box and the leather is beginning to soften like a good'o seasoned boots.

I know, I'm a bad owner. Its only been a week and you can see scratches and scuffs on the leather. But hey, this is what I like about leather boots! It will just become, SO YOU!

Again, no prize for guessing correctly which is the one that's just been applied with the Obenauf's LP.

Before application

After application

As mentioned previously, this pair of boots comes with the storm welt and I noticed that the edges of the leather trim is still pretty bare. May be the likely area whereby moist and dirt will like to linger around so I put extra effort to coat this strip with the LP, to be safe.


Looking even more awesome than before! Damn I just love the Obenauf's LP on such leather. The difference in look is amazing. Not to mention the protection it offers. Loving it!

Clarks Desert Boots: Update - Application of Obenauf's LP

Its been a while since I brought this pair of gem out for a good walk. Then I realise the leather is getting too dry (Singapore weather, what I can expect).

Here it is, getting oiled up under the good sun:

Looking old and haggard. 

Guess which one just got a coat of TLC?

Look the rich, dark brown color. 

Absolute falling in love again.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Storm Welt

From my previous posts, the most recent purchase I made are shoes that comes with Storm Welt.

What is Storm Welt?

I too was curious and went googling for it.
Credit: Photobucket

Looks impressive. Let's see how it hold up.

Cole Haan Lunargrand Chelsea: Day out

Cannot wait to wear this out. Even with some accidental sprinkle it dries up in no time. 

Cole Haan Zerogrand Reverse Full-Grain Suede

While I was trying out the Chelsea at the retail outlet that weekend, I saw this beautiful pair of shoes beside it that I was totally mesmerized by it. The color combination was just so unique and outstanding (literally!)

But the price tag puts me off. Half a grand for this fancy looking shoe!? Not my style yet and it's gonna be quite difficult to pull it off.

Fast forward to the Cole Haan's Friends and Family 30% off sales. I clicked the purchase button in a record speed of 2.14863 seconds.


Immediately after clicking the purchase button, panicked set in.

Is the Zerogrand and Lunargrand same sizing?

I went to search for reviews and I was hit by a bummer. Most reviews say to downsize from Lunargrand. For example, if you're wearing 9.5 for Lunargrand. Get 9.0 for Zerogrand.

I immediately call up the Cole Haan Customer service (despite me being in the other side of the world) and requested to have a change of size. Afterall its was less than an hour since I confirmed my purchase, or so I thought. They cannot change my order once its submitted, doesn't matter it still not yet left the warehouse.

I had no choice but to pray (very hard) for the best and pray that somehow this 9.5 zerogrand will fit me too.

A week plus past and this came with the Lunargrand.

Classy looking box

One of the most outstanding shoe color I ever tried.

And here comes the moment of truth.....




It fits like a glove!

Trying to shoe the soles color.

Dark Blue Suede 

Showing the bottom soles

Thank God! The 9.5 fits like a glove! Perfect fit! Couldn't had asked for a better fit. Furthermore, I intend to wear this without socks so if its actually like what other reviews said, I am gonna have a hard time as it will be too loose without socks.

I haven't really wear this out yet. So I can't comment on its comfortable level and feel. But the build of it feel really good. Very light weight. Its so light weight that, when I first received the parcel with 2 pairs of shoes and 2 boxes inside, I thought its either they had sent my 2 boxes without shoes, or they sent me 1 pair only and the other was MIA. I just can't believe the 2 pairs of shoes, with boxes already felt so light!

All in all, this is another great buy. Got it for USD$187.6 (after discount). Again paid about SGD$30 for shipping to Singapore plus another $10 for tax. Still, I bought 2 pairs of great looking shoes for the price of 1, if I purchase them here in Singapore. I don't blame the retailers, the rent is a killer. Sorry but I have a budget to work around also. :p

Cole Haan Lunargrand Chelsea

Hey everyone! I am back, as promised. Really sorry for the lack of updates past few months.

One of the reasons is because there was not much actions going on with the RWs and Clarks. Hardly wear them anymore due to work.

But thankfully, I was introduced to this brand by a friend of mine. Was attracted by their soles design/color mainly, and then I found this particular model that caught my utmost attention.

The Lunargrand Chelsea.

What appealed to me most is the Chelsea design AND the white soles. The white soles reminded me so much of my beloved 875 which was stolen. Since then I began looking for similar looking shoes but less the hassle of tying laces and the weight of a Red Wing.

And then, Cole Haan had this promotion which offered 30% off! (Friends and Family sales) [Don't be turn off by the name. I am neither their personal friends or their family, its just another sales]

So I bought this pair (and the other pair which can be found here.) without much hesitation. (Luckily I went to a retail outlet to try out the size first :p)

It took about a week to reach my US freight forwarded address, and from there it took about 3 days to reach Singapore through Comgateway+DHL, awesome speed and service I'd like to add.

Here comes the pictures:

I ordered (tried at retail outlet first) a 9.5. It felt pretty TTS (True to Size) to me. I wondered why most reviews I read said to downsize by 0.5? 

Out of the box. Lookin GOOOD!

Too eager to try it out!

Close look at the leather.

It feel buttery smooth and strong.

Oh yeah. Just what I needed now when Singapore is now going to enter the Monsoon Season.

Storm Welt.
Pretty ruggard.

And finally, the soles by Nike. 

Been wearing this for a week now. Really comfy and absolutely ZERO breaking in needed. The leather is realllllly soft but it doesn't feels cheap. So far no slips. Good traction and no squeaky sounds when on wet cement/tiled floors. Easier to wear (obviously because its Chelsea!)

And the best part? I spent USD$159.60 (after discount). Shipping to SG cost about SGD$30 and extra tax because I shipped in 2 pairs of shoes together which meant the total was above the limit so I had to declare tax. But its still cheaper than what Singapore retail outlet is selling (I saved at least 50%!!!)

That's all for now. Will keep updating as and when I can!

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