Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cole Haan Lunargrand Chelsea

Hey everyone! I am back, as promised. Really sorry for the lack of updates past few months.

One of the reasons is because there was not much actions going on with the RWs and Clarks. Hardly wear them anymore due to work.

But thankfully, I was introduced to this brand by a friend of mine. Was attracted by their soles design/color mainly, and then I found this particular model that caught my utmost attention.

The Lunargrand Chelsea.

What appealed to me most is the Chelsea design AND the white soles. The white soles reminded me so much of my beloved 875 which was stolen. Since then I began looking for similar looking shoes but less the hassle of tying laces and the weight of a Red Wing.

And then, Cole Haan had this promotion which offered 30% off! (Friends and Family sales) [Don't be turn off by the name. I am neither their personal friends or their family, its just another sales]

So I bought this pair (and the other pair which can be found here.) without much hesitation. (Luckily I went to a retail outlet to try out the size first :p)

It took about a week to reach my US freight forwarded address, and from there it took about 3 days to reach Singapore through Comgateway+DHL, awesome speed and service I'd like to add.

Here comes the pictures:

I ordered (tried at retail outlet first) a 9.5. It felt pretty TTS (True to Size) to me. I wondered why most reviews I read said to downsize by 0.5? 

Out of the box. Lookin GOOOD!

Too eager to try it out!

Close look at the leather.

It feel buttery smooth and strong.

Oh yeah. Just what I needed now when Singapore is now going to enter the Monsoon Season.

Storm Welt.
Pretty ruggard.

And finally, the soles by Nike. 

Been wearing this for a week now. Really comfy and absolutely ZERO breaking in needed. The leather is realllllly soft but it doesn't feels cheap. So far no slips. Good traction and no squeaky sounds when on wet cement/tiled floors. Easier to wear (obviously because its Chelsea!)

And the best part? I spent USD$159.60 (after discount). Shipping to SG cost about SGD$30 and extra tax because I shipped in 2 pairs of shoes together which meant the total was above the limit so I had to declare tax. But its still cheaper than what Singapore retail outlet is selling (I saved at least 50%!!!)

That's all for now. Will keep updating as and when I can!


  1. Hi,
    read all your entries in your blog.
    Enjoyed every bit and my utmost respect for individual like yourself to take the time to share the evolution of your leather products.
    How are the soles on this CH Lunargrand Chelsea doing?
    Always am concerned with such soles- degradation of the molecules--something like you called "corrosion" of your RW GT(Beckman) 9013.
    Fortunately shoes that are constructed by Goodyear welting/storm welting allows for resoling..but sadly the machinery that the shoe repair/restorer buy only can do what is known as blake you see the interior stitching in your GT 9013..but since you are using a RW Redzone inner comfort sole..should not cause irritation.

  2. Hi Andrew! Thank you so much for the comment. It really meant a lot to me. :) Im just doing what I like and hopefully someone, somehow will find this interesting.

    Been wearing this Lunargrand Chelsea almost everyday. Holding up pretty well! But its still too early to determine how hardy it is. Will definitely post more updates as day goes.

    Speaking of my 9013, I'm still pretty pissed that they did such rubbish stitching for me. Oh well, at least I got this pair of Cole Haan to keep rocking!


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