Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mojjo iPhone 6 Plus Leather Wallet Case


Finally took the plunge and ordered the iPhone 6+ from my local Apple Store.

Its gonna take a while to arrive so in the meanwhile, I was shopping for cases.

One of the features I am looking for is that it can hold 1-2 cards so that I can use it to hold my door access card. With that, I only need to tap my iPhone case on my door access sensor and gain access, instead of fumbling through my pockets to find my card. Also, since the iPhone 6+ is significantly larger than my current phone (5S), I foresee that I will carry it in my hand most of the time so any quick access to cards will be highly convenient.

I always wanted to get the Apple Leather Case. But I've been hearing complaints and it doesn't have a card slot that I was looking for.

This mujjo case, on the other hand, has got a nice quality leather which I suppose (I hope!) is much better than Apple's Leather case.

Here's some pictures of this BEAUTIFUL case that caught my attention with its lovely leather and card slot design:

Some information from

Based on the concept of its popular predecessor, redesigned to complement the larger iPhone 6 Plus. Loved by thousands worldwide and crafted from high quality vegetable-tanned leather, this case protects your iPhone 6 Plus and helps eliminate bulky pockets with its integrated card pocket. Elegantly placed at an 80° angle, the card pocket positions the cards to fit in at an upward angle, keeping them tightly secure and in place.

Based on the design of its popular predecessor, our personal favorite, redesigned to complement the larger iPhone 6 Plus. Placed at an 80° angle, a slant line marks the card pocket, contributes to the understated yet elegant design and positions the cards to fit in at an upward angle, keeping them tightly secure and in place. We’ve designed the case surprisingly thin, even when holding your essential cards. Tailored to Mujjo’s innovativeness, the case provides a simple solution to make your daily life just a bit more convenient.

It doesn’t shout, ‘look at me’, but rather calmly hints craftsmanship through its understated appearance. This is due in considerable part to the noticeably high quality of Mujjo’s signature vegetable-tanned leather.
Openings expose the volume rockers, headphone-jack, and lighting connector; enabling you to listen to your favorite music and charge your iPhone 6 Plus while your device is protected.

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