Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Red Wing + Chino pants

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cleaning my 875

It's the time to clean my 875 again. Except this time round I will be cleaning not only the leather, but also the sides of the crepe soles. Yes, you heard (or read) it correctly. The CREPE SOLES. As odd as it sounds, I am going to clean the sides of the crepe soles today. Yes I once mentioned that I like my 875 looking dirty and worn out. But also at the same time, I like them looking tidy. So, how should I put it, I like them looking dirty in a tidy manner. HAHA. I'm weird. I know.

Starting to notice that the sides of the soles are looking unevenly dirty. With stains from God-knows-where, its starting to irk me.

So I remembered I once read somewhere that toothpaste can clean the crepe soles pretty well. Got my tools ready: A Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush.

And I started to brush a little toothpaste, with a used toothbrush that I'm gonna replace anyway.

Brushing and brushing... 

After rinsing it off...
TA-DA! Looking slightly better. Though I have to admit I was expecting to become sparkling white. Haha. But its alright. Most prob the tougher stains are denim stains.

After the soles are settled, proceeded to clean the leather as usual, with the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner.

See this ugly patch of stain?

Spray the cleaner on it, scrubbing it with a piece of foam.


All looks well and neat!

Went for In-camp training

And the black boots sees the sunlight again..

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