Friday, February 21, 2014

Wearing my Buddy Corgi with Jeans!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Waterproofing Suede leather!

WOW! The water really beads up and not get absorbed! But on closer look, the suede really looks different from the original. Guess its a tradeoff between original looking leather and waterproofed leather.

Buddy Corgi: Water Shield

Started to wear the shoe out and realise a potential problem, water stain. I believe this is a common problem with suede leather since they are unlike other leather which comes treated, they are like a dry piece of cloth that absorbs water readily.

And luckily I still have a bottle of the Obenauf's WaterShield product that I bought years back. I only used them on my canvas, fabric products since the LP and Leather Oil already waterproofs the leather shoes that I have. So finally this comes in handy for a leather product.

Let's try.



The leather appeared to have darken quite a bit from the treatment. I'm fine with that actually. Just makes me curious what would had happen if the leather is beige/white. Hmmmm.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Buddy Corgi shoes

Happen to chance upon this amazing shoe on a sale on

Refining the perfect blend between dressy and casual, this pair of Buddy Corgi Low-cut Shoes offers endless styling possibilities for the urban men.
Details: Suede leather shoes, lace up closure with signature designer shoe patch, heel loop, eco-friendly pig skin lining, canvas and rubber insole, rubber sole with designer leather label.

Made in Japan, the Corgi reflects a classic silhouette which is suitable all-year around. Complimented with a buttery soft suede upper, the Corgi comes with a white rubber outsole with white exposed stitching. Conveniently packed in a vacuum bag to ensure minimal space consumption, the shoes all come with a handwritten leather tag to ensure each individual pair is unique and special.

Was looking for a pair of "lazy" shoes for a lazy weekend. Something that I can just slip on, walk out and return without hassle.

I went to Google more about this brand (and price) of it. Was shocked to see that its still Made in Japan (lots of stuff are Made in China nowadays, but not this) and the price. It was selling at around USD$154, from the first google search result. But the sale I saw, its around USD$48 (SGD$60)!!! 

At that price range, what could possibly go wrong with a pair of suede leather that's Made in Japan.

Bought it without second thought. And thank God that my size was still available since its a clearance sale.

2 days later, the parcel came.

Like mentioned, no shoe box. Just shrink wrap.

My first suede leather shoe! 

Leather tags

Even on the sole!

On first sight, it looks pretty straight forward, no frills shoe. But on closer look, a lot of work went into the making of it and the Japanese are doing a great job at making it both comfy and good looking. First, the suede leather: its really soft and absolutely 0 break-in is required. The suede leather by itself is actually quite thin, as you can see from the loop tag, but they compliment nicely with the pigskin lining and makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Next, the rubber sole: again, simple and no frills. Encountered no slips so far (keeping my fingers crossed).

Now I am resisting the BBB* poison to get a second pair in a different color. Reebonz is still having sale on it! 

*Buy Buy Buy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kawatako 24oz Indigo Camera Case (Actual product review)

Received the parcel from Vpost today. It was quite impressive actually. Having hear many bad reviews on Vpost, I didn't expect to receive the parcel faster than the stated date! It was stated that I will receive them between 12-17 Feb. And I got them on 11 Feb, just 6 days after I paid the shipping in Vpost Japan. Not bad.

Ok cut to the chase;

Parcel was mailed using Yamato Transport within Japan. (Also known as Ta-Q-Bin in Singapore)

Saw the pouch I order nicely wrapped in bubblewrap. But wait, what is that folded paper beside it?? My first thought is its the Invoice. I was only half correct.

It's the Invoice PLUS some free gifts! ( I really admire the Japanese way of doing business)
It's a leather-looking tissue pouch.

Leather Key Fob 

Closer look at these 2 free gifts before I proceed:

The Leather-looking tissue pouch is actually just synthetic leather. Looks pretty genuine though! I really love the distressed look!

The leather key fob looks like something that really costs some money and effort to make. The leather is really thick and chunky. Not those cheap leather that you come across in push-cart stalls. This is really good leather and I am really surprised they threw this in as a free gift. The green color is also something that's fresh to me. I can't remember when was the last time I bought something in Green color. Needless to say, I never bought a green leather product before. Now this green color is starting to score points!

Ok now back to the main item, the one that I paid for:

Nicely wrapped up. No fancy wrapping, but its ok! 

Front. I like how the tag brings out the Oriental flavour of this bag. Somehow denim and Japan seems to be hand in hand, so an asian-looking tag just matches so well with the denim.

The Brass belt Loop clip is quite heavy for its size and I'm pretty sure it will be a tough one.
And the strap at the back, you can use it to loop your belt through if you wish. But I will try the clip for now first.

And the zippers. It's a custom made YKK zipper with the word 布袋 on it. Translating it literally means "Fabric Bag" 

And a secret leather tag hidden within one of the compartments. Love it!

I am really excited about this pouch. The quality and material its built on, I have high expectations on it. And the gold/brass color just blends so well with the dark denim. I can't wait to wear it together with my jeans tomorrow and have it store my EDC stuff like the portable charger, Leatherman multitool, Pen, Torchlight.

Will update a pic of it on my jeans tomorrow! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Billykirk No. 117 Mechanics Belt

Got this belt from a friend of mine who runs an exquisite online shop that sells mainly Men's Fine Leather Accessories.

Been a fan OnlyBrown since years ago. And that day while I was looking at my Facebook page, he posted an update about the Mechanics Belt back in stock. I remembered seeing the belts back then from his website too. And just when I was looking for a new belt*, this post came right in time and poisoned me.

*If you remembered seeing my earlier posts, yes I did bought a belt just last month, the Levi's belt. But it was a bad purchase. Not that the quality isn't good (it really isn't that GOOD actually), just that I underestimated my waist size and bought 1-2 size smaller that I ought to be. So everytime I have to pull the belt to the max to get into the 1st hole. Bad.

And I was saying, after I saw his Facebook update, I immediately messaged him and the whole buying process, and delivery arranged within hours. Received the belt via courier the next day! All less than 24hours!

Thumbs up to you bro!

Here are some pictures of this awesome looking belt:

Packaging. I just love how they wrap their stuff.

And a handwritten note. Nothing beats a handwritten memo in today's society.



Nice, thick leather.

Billykirk and their signature logo

Yeap, I'm a size 34

You must be wondering where are the holes?

There! Hidden behind the flap. Why is that so? More on the story to come.

Nice stiching that binds the 2 pieces of leather together.

Back of the leather. Nice finish!

Well the story behind the mechanics belt is interesting. The flap was used to protect the metal buckle from scratching the car paintwork, wore by the mechanics back then.

The Mechanics Belt is a Billykirk favorite and easily garners the most interest. Can be worn casual or with a suit. Our mentor's grandfather was making a similar belt for the auto industry back in the 50's and we loved how it functioned. The flap of leather covering the buckle protects the car's paint job from being scratched. A very simple but effective design and a true piece of Americana. We made ours slightly wider, changed the tips, and added some hand stitched details. Also popular with guitarists who don't want to bang up the back's of their guitars. Hand-burnished and edged. 1 1/4" wide. US sourced leather.
From Billykirk

No doubt this will be another belt of mine that will follow me for years. The first belt that stick with me that long, and still around, is the Swedish Army belt.

Looking forward to update more on this belt in time to come!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kawatako 24oz Indigo Camera Case

Went in search of, yet another pouch. The first one that I owned, the leather one, was good but abit too much eye-catching. I don't want to look like a cowboy wannabe in the hot tropical Singapore. I just wanted a pouch to place some tools and maybe my iPhone when my pockets are full.

Searched around and almost went ahead with a typical black nylon one for outdoor hiking use. BORING!

Luckily I didn't check out the cart and searched furthermore till I saw this from Self-Edge.

Very nice.
Very pricey.

But I LIKE! Sadly it was SOLD OUT!

Images courtesy from Selectism

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Perfect size for my needs and the indigo color is Sweeeet!

But then again, it was depressing to see it's Sold Out. But my Never-say-die attitude pushes me to search more on it. Thanks to Google Chrome auto translate function, I found the manufacturer homepage, in Japanese.

Kawatako website has got a product that is similar, but I think its not the same. But its ok, the one they have in their webstore looks great too! (and cheaper)

This is what I bought: LINK

Took about 2 days for the domestic shipping. Now its on the way to Singapore! Can't wait!

Timberland Earthkeepers: Update

After almost a year of daily wearing, I have to say I am impressed with this pair of boots. My initial impression wasn't too good on it. Why? First the leather was very thin (and soft) and after 2 pairs of Red Wings, the first Timberland was heavily compared.

What I like about this pair is that it looks like any lace-on boots, WITHOUT the lace-on hassle! PERFECT! And the shape of it looks beautiful.

Look how dirty they are. Gonna clean them with Obenauf's Leather Cleaner and they will be good as new!

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