Friday, February 7, 2014

Billykirk No. 117 Mechanics Belt

Got this belt from a friend of mine who runs an exquisite online shop that sells mainly Men's Fine Leather Accessories.

Been a fan OnlyBrown since years ago. And that day while I was looking at my Facebook page, he posted an update about the Mechanics Belt back in stock. I remembered seeing the belts back then from his website too. And just when I was looking for a new belt*, this post came right in time and poisoned me.

*If you remembered seeing my earlier posts, yes I did bought a belt just last month, the Levi's belt. But it was a bad purchase. Not that the quality isn't good (it really isn't that GOOD actually), just that I underestimated my waist size and bought 1-2 size smaller that I ought to be. So everytime I have to pull the belt to the max to get into the 1st hole. Bad.

And I was saying, after I saw his Facebook update, I immediately messaged him and the whole buying process, and delivery arranged within hours. Received the belt via courier the next day! All less than 24hours!

Thumbs up to you bro!

Here are some pictures of this awesome looking belt:

Packaging. I just love how they wrap their stuff.

And a handwritten note. Nothing beats a handwritten memo in today's society.



Nice, thick leather.

Billykirk and their signature logo

Yeap, I'm a size 34

You must be wondering where are the holes?

There! Hidden behind the flap. Why is that so? More on the story to come.

Nice stiching that binds the 2 pieces of leather together.

Back of the leather. Nice finish!

Well the story behind the mechanics belt is interesting. The flap was used to protect the metal buckle from scratching the car paintwork, wore by the mechanics back then.

The Mechanics Belt is a Billykirk favorite and easily garners the most interest. Can be worn casual or with a suit. Our mentor's grandfather was making a similar belt for the auto industry back in the 50's and we loved how it functioned. The flap of leather covering the buckle protects the car's paint job from being scratched. A very simple but effective design and a true piece of Americana. We made ours slightly wider, changed the tips, and added some hand stitched details. Also popular with guitarists who don't want to bang up the back's of their guitars. Hand-burnished and edged. 1 1/4" wide. US sourced leather.
From Billykirk

No doubt this will be another belt of mine that will follow me for years. The first belt that stick with me that long, and still around, is the Swedish Army belt.

Looking forward to update more on this belt in time to come!

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