Monday, February 3, 2014

Timberland Tremont Chelsea Boot

Due to work practicality, I am now more inclined to wearing Chelsea boot. It offers best of both worlds to me as it looks and feels like a decent pair of boots, and at the same time I don't have to tie & untie the laces. I still missed wearing my RW 9013. Just that it is too much trouble to undo the laces every time I go to client's house.

Bought this pair of Timberlad Tremont during the Black Friday 2013 sale. It costs me about $90USD. Pretty good price compared to local Timberland store. Perhaps I need to fork out at least $150 for the same pair? Just a rough guess cos I didn't really go out and find out the actual price. But based on past experience, it is DEFINITELY cheaper to get from Amazon. (love ya amazon!)

Ok here's what I like about this pair of boots:

Looking tough & sturdy!

Leather grains

2-tone stitching

Tough looking leather, Full Grain?

Sturdy and non slip soles.

Very nice boots on first impression. Love the contrasting color stitching and the leather grains. Much thicker leather compared to my previous Timberland. With the thicker leather comes heavier weight. Hopefully I will get used to it soon.

What I Don't Like about this:

Wore it out yesterday for the first time and boy have I regretted. The boot bit my heels so bad I was limping when nearing the end of the day. I wasn't expecting such "toughness" as my previous Timberland requires 0 break-in. I thought this would be the same too. Afterall, who would had expected this to bite more than the Red Wing!?

Another thing that I don't like, the insoles. It felt cheap and lousy as compared to my previous Earthkeepers. This is just a normal insole with no value add.

Thin and without support.

My previous Earthkeepers with Anti Fatigue insoles.

Pardon the dirt. Been wearing this almost everyday for the past year.

Overall, hope this will be my daily beaters after its been broken in. And perhaps I will drop by a Timberland store tomorrow to get a Anti Fatigue insole.

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