Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kawatako 24oz Indigo Camera Case (Actual product review)

Received the parcel from Vpost today. It was quite impressive actually. Having hear many bad reviews on Vpost, I didn't expect to receive the parcel faster than the stated date! It was stated that I will receive them between 12-17 Feb. And I got them on 11 Feb, just 6 days after I paid the shipping in Vpost Japan. Not bad.

Ok cut to the chase;

Parcel was mailed using Yamato Transport within Japan. (Also known as Ta-Q-Bin in Singapore)

Saw the pouch I order nicely wrapped in bubblewrap. But wait, what is that folded paper beside it?? My first thought is its the Invoice. I was only half correct.

It's the Invoice PLUS some free gifts! ( I really admire the Japanese way of doing business)
It's a leather-looking tissue pouch.

Leather Key Fob 

Closer look at these 2 free gifts before I proceed:

The Leather-looking tissue pouch is actually just synthetic leather. Looks pretty genuine though! I really love the distressed look!

The leather key fob looks like something that really costs some money and effort to make. The leather is really thick and chunky. Not those cheap leather that you come across in push-cart stalls. This is really good leather and I am really surprised they threw this in as a free gift. The green color is also something that's fresh to me. I can't remember when was the last time I bought something in Green color. Needless to say, I never bought a green leather product before. Now this green color is starting to score points!

Ok now back to the main item, the one that I paid for:

Nicely wrapped up. No fancy wrapping, but its ok! 

Front. I like how the tag brings out the Oriental flavour of this bag. Somehow denim and Japan seems to be hand in hand, so an asian-looking tag just matches so well with the denim.

The Brass belt Loop clip is quite heavy for its size and I'm pretty sure it will be a tough one.
And the strap at the back, you can use it to loop your belt through if you wish. But I will try the clip for now first.

And the zippers. It's a custom made YKK zipper with the word 布袋 on it. Translating it literally means "Fabric Bag" 

And a secret leather tag hidden within one of the compartments. Love it!

I am really excited about this pouch. The quality and material its built on, I have high expectations on it. And the gold/brass color just blends so well with the dark denim. I can't wait to wear it together with my jeans tomorrow and have it store my EDC stuff like the portable charger, Leatherman multitool, Pen, Torchlight.

Will update a pic of it on my jeans tomorrow! 

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