Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kawatako 24oz Indigo Camera Case

Went in search of, yet another pouch. The first one that I owned, the leather one, was good but abit too much eye-catching. I don't want to look like a cowboy wannabe in the hot tropical Singapore. I just wanted a pouch to place some tools and maybe my iPhone when my pockets are full.

Searched around and almost went ahead with a typical black nylon one for outdoor hiking use. BORING!

Luckily I didn't check out the cart and searched furthermore till I saw this from Self-Edge.

Very nice.
Very pricey.

But I LIKE! Sadly it was SOLD OUT!

Images courtesy from Selectism

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Perfect size for my needs and the indigo color is Sweeeet!

But then again, it was depressing to see it's Sold Out. But my Never-say-die attitude pushes me to search more on it. Thanks to Google Chrome auto translate function, I found the manufacturer homepage, in Japanese.

Kawatako website has got a product that is similar, but I think its not the same. But its ok, the one they have in their webstore looks great too! (and cheaper)

This is what I bought: LINK

Took about 2 days for the domestic shipping. Now its on the way to Singapore! Can't wait!

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