Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red Wing Beckman 9013, Resoled!

Finally, here are the pictures after the 9013 was sent for resoling.

A brief recap, the front portion of the sole was coming off, and the rubbers were seemed to be cracking.

Sent it to resole, and the cobbler is none other than Shukey @ Far East Plaza. Singaporeans should know about this shoe repair shop pretty well. They are one of the most reliable names here.

Collected them after 1 week plus of wait. Was anxious and excited to see how are they gonna stitch the soles back to the boots. So here it is:

See any difference?

Here they are!

The black stitches are done by them.

Can’t see the black stitches from here?

The stitches are hidden INSIDE the soles! 

Gonna clean them with the Obenauf’s Leather Cleaner and give them a nice LP application before putting them to the test. In the meantime, gonna keep alternating my 875 and DBs for now!


  1. hey hi I have a pair in cigar for about 2 months. I notice the soles at the front thins out pretty fast. could be due to my striking habits. how much does shukey charge?

  2. Hi there! If I remembered correctly, I paid about $60-$70 to change the front soles for the pair of Beckman. :)

  3. this is a sample of really bad cobblers work. stitching through the insoles... these people do not know how to build shoes, so dont give them handmade shoes to refurbish!

    1. Oh dear. :( I didn't think it was that bad. I was taken aback at first but didn't think much cos I put a removable insole in anyway. :( Sigh.

  4. AGREED, that is one shitty job, the stiching sucks big time bro. Ugly!

  5. Really sad. Ruined a pair of RW, lost another.

  6. Hi bro, did the boot feel any different after resoling, did it feel tighter? Any idea if other professional cobblers provide similar services?

  7. Hi there. No difference in terms of comfort during wearing. Still feels the same. I am too looking for professional cobblers to do sole repairs.

  8. I just sent my beckman to shukey at tampines, the guy recommend me to do stitching with half soles.. wonder if it would turn out like that too..

  9. Hi meschan! Looking forward to see your updates! Hopefully yours will be nicely and professionally done!

  10. lousy job. water will leak in when raining for sure.


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