Saturday, July 7, 2012

The time has come, for the 9013 to get resoled

Well, the time “sort of “ has come. I am still running on budget deficit for the month :( and hopefully I will have some extra cash to send my beloved pair of Beckman for resoling. Had called to enquire and it cost SGD$150 +/-? Can’t remember the exact cost as I called about 1.5 months back.

Here are some picture on how bad the sole had worn off. I am shocked by how its actually been corroded off instead of worn off from walking. I mean, I can totally understand if the rubber had worn off from daily walking and trekking. But the situation here is that there are some areas that seemed to have “corroded” off and dried and chipped off. Places like around the stitches are most obvious. And the top half of the sole, that is nearer to the mid sole, is also showing signs of “crocodile mouth” when walking. It appears that the glue used wasn't holding on so well. *shrugs*

I have stopped wearing this when this problem surfaces as I am worried that water and oil may get in between the sole and the lower parts of the boots which will cause more corrosion as that area will not get dried up so easily.

Therefore, I am putting it to rest for the time being, while preparing to bring it to a cobbler to have it resoled. Will definitely post up the pictures once the resole is done.

See the “crocodile mouth” gap? 

Heres how the “mouth” looks when walking. It will get worse if I still carry on using it.

Areas near the stitching seemed to had dried and chipped off.

They were the areas that first show signs of wearing off

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