Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Leather A4 Folder / Clutch Bag

Well, I had started to attend RCIA lessons recently. And last week they presented us with a Bible. I am excited about owning a true physical Bible for the first time (physical, cos I do download those Bible Apps in App Store before). 

But something came to my mind, how am I suppose to go to class with the Bible. I don’t want to look like a preacher, walking to the lobby with a Bible in hand. Yet I don’t want to put it in my other canvas bags; they are either too big or too shabby for a purpose like this. 

And so I went to search for a proper bag to carry the Bible and perhaps some other notes that they gave out.

What are my searching criteria?
  • MUST be Leather (nuff said)
  • Be able to hold the Bible of 2” thickness
  • Be able to hold A4 size notes
  • Not looking like a schoolboy or working bag
With that in mind I went to search for the dream bag. The only “type” of bag that matches my criteria above was to get a clutch bag. Something I can hold it in hand and don’t need a sling to carry around.

Searching on the Internet is one of the most challenging things in life. They can present you with everything that sounds vaguely the same to totally different. -_-“

In the end I remembered I know of this business contact of mine, which does leather belts and stuff. So I decided to check out their website, Aquila Fashions

The first (and only) product that caught my attention was this:

Felt it pretty much suits my criteria and best of all, MY FAVORITE COLOR! So I contacted the owner’s son on my request. The initial reply was disappointing as he mentioned this folder will not be able to hold the Bible’s thickness of 2” (50mm). But I held on. I went to their office to discuss if the thickness can be altered in such a way it can accommodate the Bible’s thickness. Went through a casual talk with the owner and he agreed to customize one for me. 

I dropped by one fine day to see the progress, and saw the owner’s son was doing my order personally. 

And today, I received the message from him that its done! 

Chose a different leather color from the strap

I love these imperfections of leather. This is what makes it PERFECT!

Just look at the color and tone. Totally blew me off!

A closer look on the grains. Color seemed to have changed in this picture, camera settings fault.

Looking Goody!!!

Will be giving them a thin layer of Obenauf’s Leather Oil before I bring them out tomorrow. 


  1. Hi, how much did it cost you for the clutch? Thanks.

  2. Hi!

    It cost me S$250 to custom make this. :)

  3. Hi there, I had the same piece, in fact the first I should say. I was the one who bespoke this clutch to suit my needs several years back with aquila fashions (yes, his son). Kinda disappointed that they copied my design n made it a production run model, and even in 2 thickness now. Well... Hope everyone liked it, goods things must share with fellow leather enthusiasts. :) -Travis

    P.S. thanks for the car park height limit post. I just changed to a LR defender and it really helps a lot!

    1. Hi Travis! Thank you for leaving a feedback!

      Yup I did the custom-work with Aquila Fashions. And I am glad to have hear it from you as I saw the design of yours very impressive! It was love at first sight but I needed to modify it a little to suit my needs, hence the 2" thickness design now. Once again, thank you for the awesome design!

      You're most welcome on the carpark height limit post. It's very unsettling to visit a new place, not knowing whether the height is a problem or not. Glad you find it useful. :)


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