Sunday, July 15, 2012

How do I lace up the shoes?

I read on a site, can’t remember which one, which someone posted about having problems with putting on their Red Wing Beckman shoes. I can totally relate to that as initially I have problems putting on taking out as well. It will take me VERY long to put them on. And upon reaching a place where I have to take out my shoes, I will be cursing and swearing inside as it will be the painful chore of removing or undoing the laces again.

It’s a chore, I admit, if you are doing the laces the contemporary way like this:

But I had learnt the other way of lacing, which greatly helped in a sense that I only need to “loosen” 2 sets of the X portions and wriggle, TA DA! Its fast and it leaves an awesome imprint on the tongue of the boots cos there will always be 2 sets of underlying X thats resting on the tongue;
This is the lacing method that I personally love a lot. 

For those of you having problems with doing and undoing the laces, no harm giving this a try!


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