Monday, April 1, 2013

Update on Clarks Desert Boots (Beeswax)

Enough of words, this post is dedicated to this awesome boots; Before, During and After application of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP.

Before application

During application

After a few days, and some brushing using horsehair brush.


  1. Hi, first off great blog! I just bought a pair of Beeswax DBs like these, and was looking around for information on care etc. Most people say that the application of boot care products will permanently change the color. But the color change here does not seem that bad.

    Looking through your other posts such as these

    You seem to be using a variety of different cleaning products (obenauf Leather cleaner, leather oil, and Heavy Duty LP). Were all this used on the same boot? If so what different situations warrant their use?

    Biggest prob for me is permanent color change as i like the beeswax color just the way it is! Thank you very much in advance for your response. Sorry for the long comment!

    1. Hey there! Thanks for liking my blog posts. :)

      Well first and foremost, I recommend using the LP on the Clarks boots. Even though it MAY change the color of the leather, it is still worth it as it offers protection. Furthermore, the leather will definitely change color as time goes by without any product applied onto it. So might just as well use a good product to make it last longer and changes to a nice shade of brown too.

      As for the different products, I used leather oil and LP alternatively sometimes. For eg, I will use the leather oil to "revitalise" the dulling color when the leather appears to be dull and dry. I used it between applications of LP for a "quick fix".

      The color of the beeswax is really awesome. But if you wear the boots often without replenishing the natural oil. It will become dull.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks very much for the response! I looked through an earlier post of urs and you'd said that the color changes weren't drastic. so yes, i might just go in for this God willing, thanks!

      So i take you don't use the heavy duty very often then? And use the leather oil in between?

      Are there any cheaper alternatives to Obenauf's LP and also how many applications odes a standard 8oz pack give?

      Thanks again! And apologies about the repeated grilling. Heading to Europe myself in a couple of months God willing. Saw your posts on it, enjoyed it muchly!

    3. Hi! I AM SO SORRY TO MISS YOUR POST!! Hope this reply comes in time for you.

      Well I use LP as and when the leather felt dry. I do use the Leather Oil in between applications too, especially when time is not on my side.

      I still feel that the LP is the most value for money given its leather protecting properties. A standard 8oz pack can last pretty long! I am still on my first bottle after 2-3 years!


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