Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cole Haan - Application of LP after a week of daily wear

Somehow this is becoming a ritual, or a habit. I prefer to apply to LP a week or so after initial wear. This pair of Cole Haan Chelsea is just amazing. Feels comfy straight out of the box and the leather is beginning to soften like a good'o seasoned boots.

I know, I'm a bad owner. Its only been a week and you can see scratches and scuffs on the leather. But hey, this is what I like about leather boots! It will just become, SO YOU!

Again, no prize for guessing correctly which is the one that's just been applied with the Obenauf's LP.

Before application

After application

As mentioned previously, this pair of boots comes with the storm welt and I noticed that the edges of the leather trim is still pretty bare. May be the likely area whereby moist and dirt will like to linger around so I put extra effort to coat this strip with the LP, to be safe.


Looking even more awesome than before! Damn I just love the Obenauf's LP on such leather. The difference in look is amazing. Not to mention the protection it offers. Loving it!

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