Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cole Haan Zerogrand Reverse Full-Grain Suede

While I was trying out the Chelsea at the retail outlet that weekend, I saw this beautiful pair of shoes beside it that I was totally mesmerized by it. The color combination was just so unique and outstanding (literally!)

But the price tag puts me off. Half a grand for this fancy looking shoe!? Not my style yet and it's gonna be quite difficult to pull it off.

Fast forward to the Cole Haan's Friends and Family 30% off sales. I clicked the purchase button in a record speed of 2.14863 seconds.


Immediately after clicking the purchase button, panicked set in.

Is the Zerogrand and Lunargrand same sizing?

I went to search for reviews and I was hit by a bummer. Most reviews say to downsize from Lunargrand. For example, if you're wearing 9.5 for Lunargrand. Get 9.0 for Zerogrand.

I immediately call up the Cole Haan Customer service (despite me being in the other side of the world) and requested to have a change of size. Afterall its was less than an hour since I confirmed my purchase, or so I thought. They cannot change my order once its submitted, doesn't matter it still not yet left the warehouse.

I had no choice but to pray (very hard) for the best and pray that somehow this 9.5 zerogrand will fit me too.

A week plus past and this came with the Lunargrand.

Classy looking box

One of the most outstanding shoe color I ever tried.

And here comes the moment of truth.....




It fits like a glove!

Trying to shoe the soles color.

Dark Blue Suede 

Showing the bottom soles

Thank God! The 9.5 fits like a glove! Perfect fit! Couldn't had asked for a better fit. Furthermore, I intend to wear this without socks so if its actually like what other reviews said, I am gonna have a hard time as it will be too loose without socks.

I haven't really wear this out yet. So I can't comment on its comfortable level and feel. But the build of it feel really good. Very light weight. Its so light weight that, when I first received the parcel with 2 pairs of shoes and 2 boxes inside, I thought its either they had sent my 2 boxes without shoes, or they sent me 1 pair only and the other was MIA. I just can't believe the 2 pairs of shoes, with boxes already felt so light!

All in all, this is another great buy. Got it for USD$187.6 (after discount). Again paid about SGD$30 for shipping to Singapore plus another $10 for tax. Still, I bought 2 pairs of great looking shoes for the price of 1, if I purchase them here in Singapore. I don't blame the retailers, the rent is a killer. Sorry but I have a budget to work around also. :p

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