Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleaning and applying LP to the 875 (Part 2)

As mentioned in previous post, thought the leather looks kind of dry and the scuffs are begging me to apply some LP on it. So here goes:

I had been asked several times on how to apply the LP on the leather. Its none other than the trusty bare hands on yours. Our body temperature can help to melt the LP a little. Some folks suggested using microwave to melt the LP a little before application. Personally I don't fancy putting non edible stuff in my microwave so using the fingers should be the best way.

Right: Before Application
Left: After Application

I just love the imprints the laces done to the leather. 

Looking all goody!

The leather looks to be darker upon application. But experiences from the past told me that this is just a temporary phase. The leather will return to its normal color after the LP is fully absorbed. One thing to remember, leather ages with time and the color will get darker times goes due to usage, time, heat, external elements and such. So don't go too protective of the leather.

Let it age gracefully with the necessary treatment like the LP once a while is good enough.


  1. Hi, what size are your 875s? and do you know of any other cobblers that carries vibram soles other than Masterfix? thanks.

  2. Hi there!

    My 875 is size 9.5.

    Regarding the vibram soles, you can try Shukey at Far East Plaza if you are in Singapore too.


  3. Hi, thanks for the reply! I'll try checking them out. thanks. :)


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