Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red Wing Gentlemen Traveler GT Beckman .. again?!

Well, few posts earlier I mentioned I bought the Obenauf's Leather Cleaner for my leather goods. It was a nice, simple cleaner without the harsh chemicals. I tried it on my Clarks DBs first. Satisfied with the results, I decided to give a it a go on my beloved Red Wing Shoes.

Cleanse the boots with the leather cleaner thoroughly with a sponge. Then I left it to dry for about an hour. I then proceeded with the Leather Oil to replenish the oil lost during the cleaning process. And here's how it looks like being oiled. EEks

Leave it to dry overnight and the next day was a big sunny day! So I set it out to sun it further, also wanting the heat to prepare the boot for the next treatment, Heavy Duty LP! (sorry I forgotten to take pics when it was out suntanning.)

The warm boot absorbed the LP pretty quickly. Quicker than usual. Then I left it to tan again for a couple of hours before letting them rest through 1 more day. And now, I'm done lacing it back and ready to rock it again tomorrow!

As you can see, the tougher stains are still there. The cleaner, I suppose, is just a mild cleanser than won't remove tough stains. But hey, I will be more worried if any leather cleaner can remove such tough stains. It probably remove the skin as well! So I'm pretty satisfied with the cleaner as it does it basic cleaning job well without harming the leather. And with the new insoles on, I am ready to rock this boots again!


  1. Great blog dude. Don't stop posting photos of your leather.

    Can you explain the purpose of oiling the boots? Do you have to oil the boots after cleaning? I am thinking of getting the LP to revitalise my boots and to add some water resistance for the upcoming winter.

  2. Hi Julius! Thanks for the encouragement :)

    I oiled this pair of boots after 3 months of intensive wear. Not exactly hardcore, but you can see the scuffs and scars on the toe cap area. I noticed the area where the leather flexes the most, looks dryer than the rest and I decided to give it a go on the oil.

    Upon application, I noticed the area where the most flexes took place, it gets darken almost immediately (oil being absorbed) and places like the toe cap and heel area takes longer to get absorbed. So I suppose there are places where its thirsting for oil already whereas other areas are still doing fine with the pre-treated leather.

    After cleaning, the dirt could had came off and so is the natural oil in the leather. So its better to give it some oil after cleaning.

    As for the LP, I highly recommend you to give your boots the LP treatment prior to winter. It's great protection against water, corrosion and other harmful ingredients.

    All the best!


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