Saturday, May 28, 2011

Card Holder - Workshop conducted by Obbigoodlabel

Finally, after the trial session held few months ago, I set foot on the OGL shop in Arab Street once again for a 1-day (or rather, 3-hrs) course on card-holder making. They had several lessons spread over several Saturdays and each session teaches a different item which you can hands-on and do it yourself. It was a very enriching and fun session where I can finally handle the tools that transform a simple piece of leather into a work that is made by yours truly.

Here is the overall look of the card-holder:

My sweaty palms and my attempt to dry them on my raw jeans was a big mistake. My hands were stained with the denim and it was too late when I realised it. Oh well, take it as another form of "character"

The session was started with our instructor, Fabian, telling us the basics of leather working and giving us an overview of the tools that we will use and the steps explained generally. We were then given a piece of natural veg-tan leather and started on the work under his guidance. This is A LOT like taking exams. You thought you know how it works but when you are given the tools and material, you had no idea where to start. 

I shall skip the technical details and those into leather-crafting should have more knowledge than me on these.

Here are the pics on my burnishing which I feel it is rather badly made:

And we were allowed to stamp our names on it but I decided to just stamp a "M" as my initial as I don't want to complicate the design.

This design of cardholder simply comprises of 2 compartments and a folding flap closure.

Overall, I am very pleased with my work despite the badly burnished edges, poor stitching and indigo staining even before it was put into my jeans. Reason being I love things that are made by myself. Just like how chefs enjoy eating the food they spent time and effort into making them from raw ingredients to a plate of delicacy.

I am intending to order the tools from them as they are slightly different from the ones from Tandy etc and I prefer OGL's tools personally.

To all leather craftsmen: Keep up the great work!

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