Friday, May 6, 2011

Swedish Army Belt (Brand new) Part 1 - Just got it. Unoiled, untreated.

A couple of posts earlier, I mentioned I had ordered a deadstock Swedish Army Belt from eBay.

And VOILA, here it is. Rather fast shipping. Took about a week of wait and this parcel arrived.
Opened it up and posed it for some photoshoot before I start to oil it with Obenauf's Leather Oil.

Some of you may ask, why the Leather Oil so quick? Well, if you heard of this belt before, it's a deadstock army belt. Deadstock meaning the production had stopped for such belts and all these are brand new old stocks. NOS as some people like to call it (New Old-Stock) Having left out there for so long, I decided a little coat of oil will give it the nourishment it has been yearning for.

Will post more pics of the "after oiled" pics tomorrow.

Oh, and I love this picture especially. The grains are o'so-lovely!

I highly recommend the seller for his credibility and friendliness. His reply was fast and prompt. 2 thumbs up for him!
As of today, there's left only 4 of this belt in his inventory. All the best!


  1. thanks for the link!

  2. You're most welcome! Great belt deserves more publicity. :)


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