Thursday, May 19, 2011

Problem with Red Wing Gentlemen Traveler (Beckman)

Sadly and finally, I found a problem with my Red Wing Beckman boots. As most of you know, the boots' soles are made of 3-ply of leather. Apparently, the first ply is starting to show that its splitting from the rest. Good news is, the stitching still looks strong to keep the soles from falling apart.

Here are some pictures I took on a sunny day today:

Here you can see the splits. On the arch side, the split will close up with I flex my foot straight. It will open up bigger when I flex my foot up. As for the split on the toe area, no matter how I flex or clamp it, the split won't close up anymore.

here are some pictures from the right boot:

All looks well and sweet!

Well, it was kind of disappointing for this to happen on the left side pair only. It wasn't a cheap pair (costs me SGD$442 during promotion for this pair) and I always thought that Red Wing's quality are top-notch.

The close resemblance and competitor brand 'Wolverine' don't seem to have this problem upon searching online. Most of the GT/Beckman models have this problem. Unfortunately, Wolverine's design doesn't appeal to me as much as the Red Wing's one although I will love to own a pair of Wolverine in time to come.

Here's a random pic for the day:


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  3. Hi! Just wondering, are you still wearing this pair of boots?
    If so, how's the damage now? I'm concerned with the durability of the boots especially when the sole is splitting at the leather portion.

    1. Ah, I'm so sorry. I clicked on the reply button too many times! I've deleted my previous repeated comments.


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