Saturday, May 7, 2011

Swedish Army Belt (Brand new) Part 3 - After Oiled, after LP application

After the oil is pretty much fully absorbed, or rather, totally absorbed. I went on to apply the Obenauf's LP on it and here's the outcome:

This picture is taken with the LX3 Neutral Picture settings, hence the gentler shade and tone.

 This is taken with the Dynamic Setting and hence, the stronger tone and color.

In actual fact, the color is somewhere in between these 2 shades. 
And here is a comparison pic of the before and after treatment picture on the nice grain portion on the belt

Top: After application
Bottom: Before any treatment
As you can see, the Leather Oil and LP gives the leather a very nice finish and color tone. It not only protects the leather but also beautify it. Very outstanding product. 
Besides the product praise, the leather is also excellent in its own way.
The leather is soft and felt very strong. 

I am very sure it will look even more awesome in time to come. Stay tuned!

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