Monday, May 16, 2011

TACCO Leather Insole

I guess there is not much reviews out there about an insole. But I find this worthy for a review and some pictures because this is a L-E-A-T-H-E-R insole. :D

This is a leather insole from TACCO, a company in Germany that manufactures insoles. I've been looking for a pair of insole for my Red Wing Beckman Boots because it is 1/2 size bigger than my usual size (refer to my earlier posts on why I did that). I need an insole for it because there isn't any for the boot in the first place. I feel that although the boot are very comfortable, I think some additional shock absorbing factor will be even better.

I tried all sorts of insoles namely LP insoles, Scholls and those generic insoles from Pharmacy stores, but none provide me with the sort of comfort that I'm looking for.

So I came across this brand at a cobbler store near my house (Mister Minit). I remember seeing this brand been mentioned at a forum. But can't remember what was the details. Anyway, I decided to give it a try and the leather looks very nice for a pair of insole.

Here are some before and after wearing (for 1 day) pics:

If you are wondering why is it that I have 1 pair of new insole and 1pair of worn, here's why:

I passed by the store and bought size 43 because they don't have size 44 and the next bigger size is size 45. As I didn't have my boots with me, I guess I need the size 43 one for my RW GT. As expected, it is a lil small for it, about a gap of 2-3mm around the edges. It may not seem to be much but you can feel the gap when walking as the foot pressed down on the boots. So after a day of wearing, I went to get the size 45 instead. And this time round, I brought my shoes along to test for fitting on the spot. Size 45 is an exact fit and hence, now i got a pair of size 43 and size 45 insole. Guess I could use the size 43 on my Clarks DB since the DB is a lil smaller than my RW GT.

All in all, this is a good insole to invest it. Good comfort and build quality. Bought mine for SGD$28 a pair at Mister Minit.

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  1. Im glad you posted this... I was in the same predicament when I purchased a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers that were 1/2" too big.

    Most of the inserts/insoles I've used did not match the natural feeling the way the Tacco Deluxe leather insole felt.


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