Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OGL Card holder (part 2)

10 months had passed since I bought this card holder.

Let me show you the pictures to see how it evolves from a Snow White to Pocahontas.



The evolution over 10 months is just amazing. The burnish edges seem to have turn black! The grains on the leather, wow. And just look at the stitching, still looks fresh and new despite the leather evolution.

Sad to say, I have to retire this card holder to make way for the card holder that I made myself that I posted earlier.

This is a tough decision but given the 2 card holders, the DIY one has more "feelings" since it came from my own pair of hands.

So here, a tribute to the cardholder that served me well for 10 months. I won't discard it away. I will keep it and let it age slowly, without the harsh way that I treated my stuff. Adios.

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