Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leather Laces

Bought a few leather laces from a forumer here (thanks goat!) and they look absolutely amazing. I especially adore the lighter brown one and am currently matching it with my Clarks DB. Initially wanted to use the darker brown ones for my RW and upon trying out 1 lace on the boot, it was very difficult to tighten and loosen. That is a big issue for me as I often need to take in and out of my boots in my course of work.

So now only 1 of the 2 lighter brown is used, cos the DB's laces is short and 1 of this lace can be cut into half which is just nice for the pair of Desert Boots.

Rubbed a coating of Obenauf's LP on them and they are now rocking on my DBs!

Will post the fit pic of the DBs + leather laces in due course but here's a pic of just the laces only:


  1. Hi,

    Those laces look great! Any pics of your boots with the new laces?

    I've been looking around shops in SG for leather laces like these but to no avail. Can i get the contact details of the guy you purchased them from?

    Looking to change the laces for my both my Clarks DB too :)


  2. Here is my contact number, 97960672.

  3. @Gary: Will take the pictures of the laces on DBs soon. Stay tuned!

    @Goat: Awesome laces. Thanks once again!

  4. How much did you get each pair of laces for?

  5. Hi! I can't really remember the price I got them for. Maybe you want to contact "GOAT" with his number as above? :)


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