Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leather Bracelet

I am a follower of the site and weeks ago, I saw this article about bracelets for men. I regularly wear a bracelet, be it at work or at play. My previous bracelet among my EDC was the Corter For Japan bracelet. The leather quality is top-notch. But when I saw this article, I was attracted to the braided leather cord bracelet. So I went ahead and bought one from the Etsy seller, Bracelet Market.

The price was reasonable and the seller was very friendly also.

When I got the bracelet (took about a week for it to reach Singapore), the first thing that caught my attention was the magnetic buckle. It was cleverly done in such a way that it is held together by magnet AND locking mechanism. Genius method. Maybe I wasn't too updated in the world of bracelet buckle but this one is nicely done that does not add bulk and give it a more sophisticated look.

here's what it looks like when I first gotten it:

A nice gentle yellowish glow from this amazing leather bracelet. At first I thought the bracelet was completely made of the braided leather. But I think the leather is wrapping a thick nylon cord inside that gives this bracelet the form and strength. It is perfectly ok if you ask me.

Here's what it looks like, after in merely 2 weeks!

I had coated this with 2 coats of Obenauf's Leather Oil prior to wearing. Because I sweat a lot during work and I want the leather to be protected from my sweat so I suppose the leather oil will be a layer of protection on it. But just look at it! 2 weeks since wearing and it had evolved to such nice brownish glow.


A snapshot with the before and after for better comparison:

Love this bracelet. Do visit the Etsy seller for more of such bracelets!

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