Thursday, April 7, 2011

Received my "For Japan" bracelets!

After weeks of waiting, finally saw them in my mailbox (together with the Grow and Share letter, double happiness!)

The leather is lovely. Nice creamy beige color, and looking pure as milk. The size Medium is for my ownself and the one I got is even more lovely. There's some signs of wrinkles on the surface which I totally adored. Personally, I like leather with "imperfections" so to speak. But they are not imperfect at all. It adds to the characteristics and that's what makes it different from other similar bracelets that makes it unique.

Here are some pictures of it. As usual, I applied Obenauf's Leather Preservative the minute I got home from dinner.

Looking good!

Top: before LP application
Bottom: After LP application

P.S: For the observant ones, you would had noticed the snap button color was different in the 2 pictures. Yes, they were 2 different bracelets. I forgot to take the pictures of the one I intend to apply the LP to, before the actual application.

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