Sunday, April 17, 2011

Self-made Leather Messenger Bag

Been wanting to find a messenger bag thats all genuine leather. Not too big, Not too small. Searching around only found bags that are either too big, too small or too expensive.

Decided to do my own bag after searching around and realised that all that I want is a minimalist bag and I actually can do it myself!

started out with a concept.
Set a day to start working on it.
took me 2.5hrs
had no prior experience in sewing using sewing machine.

Heres the pictures:

 You may had noticed that the flap leather color is different from the one underneath it. Yes, they are from 2 different leather hides of different colors. Miscalculated on the measurements (wanted to have all of the same color initially). And had to resort to another piece of leather for the front side. Came out pretty well and I actually like the slight variation in color.

If you noticed, the red button.. it's actually corter's "For Japan" bracelet and I bought a few as a show of support during the Japan disaster. I am wearing the medium-size and the small size had been idling around so thought of using it as a "fastener" to close the flap of the bag.

I deliberately used the edges of the leather hide that came from the factory. Wanted to show its "imperfections" and thats how genuine leather ought to be. It's all natural and holes/tears like this does not affect its quality at all.


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