Sunday, April 24, 2011

Proper way to clean a pair of Red Wing Shoes

In this vid, the Red Wing Shoes shown in the vid is the Beckman 9013, which is what yours truly has one. *proud*

Anyway, the way the vid recommend is,

1) Brush the boots with the horsehair brush.
2) Using the cloth, apply the Shoe Creme to the boots, the side of the soles also.
3) Apply mink oil to the BASE of the sole where the genuine leather logo is.
4) Finish the process of with the leather protector.

For step 1, I am with it as it is important to remove the dirt before putting any conditioner/oil. What bothers me if the step 3, what is the purpose of oiling the base of the sole???
Oh well, to each of his own. Personally, I brush off dirt with a horsehair brush. I apply Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative (LP) to my boots and let it absorb overnight. And that's it. In my opinion, the Heavy Duty LP is good enough to nourish the leather and protecting it at the same time.

Here's the vid:

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