Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little brush makes a whole of difference

Just used the horsehair brush to give them some gentle brushing. You will be able to see the difference immediately.


  1. I have the same Swedish Military belt as you. In fact, I have three!!! Two that I use on my jeans - got tired of changing from one jean to another - and one that I keep aside in case I lose or damage one! I love them! I was looking for info on the belts, and I found your web site.

    I read many of your posts with great interest. I love your writing style, informative and fun, I really feel like you share your passion for leathers.

    Anyway, I ended up buying Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP based on your posts and the compliments you made about this product.

    So I got the Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP. After warming the wax and applying it by hand (as instructed on the box), I applied it to the belt. It immediately took on a very nice color, very similar to the color in your post. But after two days, it remains sticky, which I guess it's normal (beeswax).

    I have a few questions:

    - How much time do I have to wait before using the belt again? I let it 'sleep' for two days.
    - Will the stickiness stay or go away?
    - Will the wax risk staining my jeans?
    - Will the shine come back (since after application, the leather became more matte and less shiny)?
    - How often do I have to do this; for example every six months?
    - Can something be done to the Obenauf Heavy Duty LP layer, in order to make it shine?

    Thanks for your input!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for the comment. Really appreciate the feedback. :)

      I had been using only 1 swedish army belt. Speaking of that, I should really post some updates on that. It's been a while since I blogged about it and it had aged a lot since then.

      Regarding the Obenauf's LP; do coat a THIN layer at a time only. A few thin coats are better than one thick coat. There will be a heavy residue if you put a thick coat and not all can be absorbed at once. There's still a slight sticky matt feeling with a thin coat but not to worry, it will go away after a few use. I use a horsehair shoe brush if that happens on my boots. The brushing will even out the LP residue and give it a little shine also.

      Usually I let the leather rest for 2-3 days after treatment to let it fully absorbed. The stickiness will definitely go away. :)
      I do encounter some sticky residue being transferred to the jeans. But it will go away after washing, so no permanent staining.
      The shine will come back and like I've said, a good horsehair brushing on the leather will be even better ;)
      Depending on the climate you are in, I tend to put LP on my boots every 2-3 months. More often if it gets drenched in the rain as water drying up will dry the leather faster.
      The LP tends to form a protective coat over the leather, so I doubt any additional treatment can be used to make it shine. Just go ahead and use it and the original shine will definitely come back.

      Hope this helps! :D


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