Friday, November 9, 2012

Glenroyal Leather Key Holder

I have to admit I was feeling neutral on this key holder when I purchased it, simply because the previous one was too bulky.

But as time goes by, the leather began to develop nice patinas and the color is gradually changing to a nice seasoned tone.


  1. Hey great red wing shoes you have there. may i know where do you purchase obenauf locally in singapore, been trying to locate it but to no avail. Thanks for your help! Appreciate it

  2. hi there! Thanks for the compliments. :)

    For obenaufs products, you can email to
    They are the local distributor. :)

  3. Thanks alot! :) anyway any advice on leather care? I been wearing my red wing 875 for 2 years and I didnt been taking good care of it. There are a few large patches of faded leather colour. Any ways to restore it back to darker colour it original was?haha

    1. Hi! Sorry for replying so late. It will be rather difficult to "restore" the color. The Oil will be good in darkening the leather but whether or not it will make the faded patch less obvious, Im not too sure. :)


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