Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ponding? No worries!

Just came back from a heavy downpour. The place I went seemed to start ponding on the walkways. Clearly most people will avoid that and take a longer route.

But heck, I know my Beckman can thread through it without worries. Thanks to Obenauf!


  1. This is a great blog! Thanks for sharing information on your leather boots (the Beckman in particular).

    I was wondering if you ever considered trying the Wolverine 1000 Mile boot. I'm actually deciding between the two now and will go to a local store to try each on some time soon.

  2. Also, what do you treat your Beckman's with? I saw the pictures from this post and the colour they have is absolutely beautifully rugged:

  3. Hi there! Thanks for the encouragement! Really happy to hear feedbacks from you guys.. I am interested in the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots as well. But sadly I can't get them from a brick & mortar store here in SG. I prefer to try them out physically instead of guessing and buying online. :/

    As for the post you were referring to, another Thank You. It was treated with Obenauf's Leather Preservative and Leather Oil. Most of the time I used the LP. :)


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