Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Leather Key Case from Wild Hearts

I ordered this Key Case from Rakuten last Thursday, 26th Apr 2012. Got a shipping notice on 27th April. And guess what? Received the parcel today! That was REALLY SPEEDY for an overseas shipping.

Really impressed by the shop, the shipper and the whole chain of services. Less than a week from the time I clicked the Purchase button to having it with me now.

Ok here are the pictures of the Key case like I always do.

And of course, how can I not apply the Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on this beautiful key case.

Application of Obenauf's LP:

Shall leave it to dry overnight and I will post some pics with my bunch of keys filled. One of the reason I chose this key case was also because it comes with a card holder which I can put my key access card to my apartment.

Stay tune for the pics with the keys!

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