Friday, April 27, 2012

Size Queries on the Swedish Army Belt

This goes out to a reader whom left a comment in my post, asking me about the size of the swedish army belt.

Well I am personally a size 34 and this is how it looks like, with the tip ending near the left pocket.

Somehow this pic looks weird. Oh well, the main purpose is to show the reader how the belt will look like on a size 34 waist like mine. :)

*Hmm, his comment seemed to have disappeared. I wonder why.. :(


  1. Thanks a lot! It looks great! Do u think it's worth the price? I've been considering for quite some time already

  2. No problem! Glad you came back!
    Worth the price? Absolutely! Well, whether is it expensive or affordable is subjective. But all I can say is, as every belt gains its own characteristics as time goes, it will become a priceless piece in time to come. Trust me. :)

    And I must really apologize for the weird shot. Can only make do with it as I only have my iPhone with me when I just got back from work and wanted to put this up for you as soon as possible. :)

  3. Thanks a lot! I appreciate your help


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